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The Village Practice

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Minor Ailment Scheme

For minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, cystitis, the receptionist will help you get a consultation with a pharmacist or optometrist quickly. You can get simple remedies and advice without waiting to see the doctor.

Please note you do not need to visit your doctor to access this service. You can approach your pharmacy directly!

Conditions that can be treated using Minor Ailments Scheme:

Athletes Foot Cold & Flu Cold Sores
Constipation Cough Cystitis
Diarrhoea Earache Eye infections – Minor
Hay Fever

Head Lice

Insect Bites/Stings Minor Cuts and Burns Mouth Ulcers
Nappy Rash Piles Sore Throat
Sprains/Strains Sunburn Teething
Temperature Threadworms Vaginal Thrush
Verruca Warts